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How to order

Thank you for shopping at our shop. We are working on an English version of our website. But in the mean time we can try to help you with this English explainer text. We will describe the steps you can follow to order your favorite Whisky, Rum, Wine, etc.

  1. First you need to find the product you would like to order. This can be achieved in different ways. You can use the search box on top of the screen to find the brand / product you would like to order. You can also click on the buttons in the menu: Whisky, Wijn (= Wine), Rum, Overig (= others). If you click on one of these buttons you will see a dropdown menu with other options. Click on "Toon alles" to show the complete assortment. You will be able to filter the products on the next page.
  2. If you have found the product you would like to order then click on "bestellen" (=order).  This will place the product in the virtual shopping cart. Then you click "doorgaan naar winkelwagen" (= continue to shopping cart).
  3. On the shopping cart page you can change the quantity of your order under "aantal" (= quantity). On the bottom of the page you can see "bereken verzendkosten" (= calculate shipping costs). Here you can change the destination country to "Roemenië", "Frankrijk" (=France), "Spanje" (= Spain), etc. After changing the destination country the shipping cost will be updated in the shopping cart.
  4. Then you click "bestel produkten". Then you log in. Then comes the page where you put in your address: Naam = Name Bedrijfsnaam = company name (optional) adres = name of the street huisnummer = number of your house postcode = zipcode plaats = city Then click "opslaan en doorgaan"
  5. Then the option is already set to have it delivered to your house address. Then again "opslaan en doorgaan". Then you see a page with "Heeft u nog aanvullende wensen bij deze bestelling:" here you can leave a note for us or for the delivery company (like a code for a door if that is needed and such). And finally click "bevestig" (= confirm). You will then get an email that we will check the order. If all is there we will confirm the order and send you an email with methods of payment (check your unwanted email box too). Hope this works for you and otherwise just send us an email with your order and shippingdetails.
  6. For deliveries outside the European Union we use DHL Express. Whisky is sent entirely at the customers own risk as we are unable to guarantee safe delivery.